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There is nothing as charming and precious as a child’s happy smile. Unfortunately, we find that some parents and caregivers think of baby teeth (also known as milk teeth) as disposable. Their logic seems to be, if kids are going to lose their teeth soon anyway, it’s okay for them to get a little tooth decay or other oral problems. There are many reasons that this is not true!

Preventing Pain from Tooth Decay

First and foremost, we don’t want to see kids who are in pain. Cavities often lead to toothaches and infections in the tooth can spread to the gums and jawbone, causing more problems. We want every child to get to know the dentist in a positive way, so we want their earliest memories of the dentist to be rewarding and educational teeth cleanings and exams, not filled with tears and fear. Taking good care of baby teeth is vital to making sure we show your child that the dentist‘s office is a fun and welcoming place! Plus, the fewer oral problems your child has, the less they’ll have to be pulled out of school for trips to the dentist.

Establishing Good Habits

Taking good care of baby teeth is good practice for children. They will need to know good oral hygiene habits to keep their adult teeth healthy for the rest of their lives. Making oral healthcare a respected part of your household routine is very important. And don’t forget to set a good example by taking good care of your own teeth too!

Preparing the Mouth for Adult Teeth

As the American Dental Association says, you can think of baby teeth as “nature’s braces”. The baby teeth help prepare the mouth for the proper positions of adult teeth when they come in. But if the baby teeth aren’t cared for properly, they can’t do this very important job. For example, if a child has a baby tooth removed early due to tooth decay, the remaining baby teeth may crowd that area, leaving no gap for the adult tooth to move into when the time comes. The result can be crowded or misaligned adult teeth that are hard to clean and require more extensive orthodontic treatment (braces).

Need a Tutorial on Caring For Kids Teeth? Let Us Know!

How you should care for your child’s teeth changes as they grow. Even babies need their gums cared for before they start teething! If you need tips on how to care for your child’s teeth and teach good habits at any stage, please let us know. We’d be happy to give you instructions!

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